• MORE SPACE:  Double / triple the space in your wardrobe
  • SIMPLE:  Load multiple hangers in one go, with ease!
  • ORGANISE:  Sort wardrobe into categories keeping it neat & tidy
  • PERFECT:  Shared wardrobes, ironing or simply grouping outfits!
  • MULTI DROP:  Link / connect 1,2 or 3 hooks for more space
  • DURABLE:  Can hold up to 10kg
  • AWARD WINNING:  The Queen’s award for enterprise in the UK
  • UK PRODUCT:  Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • PATENTED - Euro Patent No: 0647110 & USA Patent No: 5584455

x10 Hooks (+ Postage & Packaging)

SKU: 1Px10H
  • Hold it, Load it, Hang it, Simple!

    Don't forget to 'multi-drop' for even more space in your wardrobes and closets.